Is that 'midlife crisis' really Alzheimer's disease?

Imagine you tell your 55 year-old mom you’re going to get married and she’s too disorganized to help you with the wedding preparations. Or you put your kids on the bus to elementary school and the 57 year-old driver forgets the route. These are real scenarios, drawn from my clinical work with patients who have young-onset Alzheimer’s disease.
Sep 13 / 2018

Dermatology: Research Update - Research in-progress Rounds

Research in Progress Rounds is a new initiative in the Division of Dermatology. Every other month, division faculty and residents meet to discuss research projects at various stages of development. The meetings are informal and are meant to provide formative feedback to strengthen each other's work. Items presented can include anything from a barely-formed research question, to a draft grant proposal, to a nearly completed project at the data interpretation phase.
Sep 10 / 2018

How do we engage patients to ensure their perspectives and experiences drive our work?

In the past, rheumatologists designing clinical trials in rheumatoid arthritis focused on reducing joint swelling and tenderness as the most important outcome. However, after engaging with patients, it became apparent that the fatigue associated with the disease is almost as important as the swelling and tenderness itself.
Sep 10 / 2018

Chair's Column: Reaffirming our priority to our patients

I hope everyone got a little time off during the summer months and is ready for another terrific academic year. Welcome again to all of our new residents and fellows.
Sep 10 / 2018
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