Emergency Medicine- Visiting Professor Day w/ Dr Watling

Oct 30, 2017

    Visiting Professor Day- December 6th, 2017

    with Christopher J. Watling, MD, MMEd, PhD, FRCP(C)

    Topic: Feedback

    Christopher J. WatlingBio:

    Dr. Chris Watling received his MD cum laude from Dalhousie University in 1990, and then completed residency training in neurology at Western University in London, Canada in 1995.  After a fellowship at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston, Chris practiced general community neurology in Sudbury, Ontario.  He returned to London in 2000 to join the faculty of Western’s Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.  He completed a Masters in Medical Education from the University of Dundee (2009), and a PhD in Health Professions Education from Maastricht University (2014).  

    Dr. Watling is Professor in the Departments of Clinical Neurological Sciences, Oncology, and Family Medicine., Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education, and a Scientist at Schulich’s Centre for Education Research and Innovation.  His research explores how and why feedback influences learning, and how medicine’s professional culture shapes its educational practices.  His favorite professional activity, however, is teaching (and writing about) writing.


    (Please note the changes from our usual academic day)

    Location: Chestnut Centre, Terrace Room 


    Group B Rounds

    (Residents only)

    Topic:  Mastering the feedback conversation


    1. Identify the fundamental characteristics of effective feedback
    2. Recognize potential barriers to the exchange of meaningful feedback in medical education
    3. Develop strategies for using feedback to enhance learning in clinical settings


    Grand Rounds

    Topic:  From Orchestras to Operating Rooms: Professional Culture and its Influence on Learning


    1. Recognize key features of medicine's professional and learning cultures
    2. Explore how culture shapes learning, using examples from both inside and outside of medicine
    3. Recognize cultural barriers to meaningful feedback in medicine, and strategize around mitigating these challenges


    Panel Discussion

    Title:  An Open Discussion on Strategies to Facilitate Honest Feedback


    1. Discuss barriers to faculty providing honest feedback to residents
    2. Discuss strategies to overcome these barriers, at the individual faculty level
    3. Discuss strategies to overcome these barriers, at a systems level

    Panelists: Dr Glen Bandiera, Dr Barbara-Ann Millar, and Dr Shelly Dev

    Click for Panel Bios


    Catered Lunch

    Objective: Recharge and refresh!


    Journal Club

    Resident presenters: Dr. David Kodama (PGY3) & Gerhard Dashi (PGY1)

    Expert: Dr. Watling


    1. Learning culture and feedback: an international study of medical athletes and musicians (Watling et al)
    2. Facilitated Reflective Performance Feedback: Developing an Evidence- and Theory-Based Model That Builds Relationship, Explores Reactions and Content, and Coaches for Performance Change (R2C2) (Sargeant et al)
    Panel Bios:

    Dr. Glen Bandiera, BASc, MD, MEd, FRCPC -  Dr. Bandiera has degrees in Engineering (Waterloo), Medicine (McMaster) and Education (OISE/UT). He completed an Emergency Medicine Residency with advanced training in Trauma Resuscitation at McMaster University. He served for ten years as a staff emergency physician and Trauma Team Leader at St. Michael’s Hospital. Glen currently serves as Chief of Emergency Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital and Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education at the University of Toronto where he holds the rank of full professor.  His academic interests are in faculty development, curriculum design and competency assessment and he has published widely in these areas. Dr. Bandiera’s past positions include chair of the Accreditation Committee of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada; chair of the Royal College Emergency Medicine Specialty Committee; President of the Canadian Association For Medical Education, and founding Director of the Canadian Association for Medical Education Foundation.

    Dr. Barbara-Ann Millar MBChB, MRCP, FRCR, FRCPC 

    Dr. Barbara-Ann Millar undertook her medical and specialist oncology training in the UK. She is a staff radiation oncologist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre since 2004 and the lead for the CNS group. She was Director of Residency Training for Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto for over nine years. She is the co-director of Faculty Development and Continuing Education in the Department of Radiation Oncology. She is also a member of the Board of Examiners for PGME at the Faculty of Medicine.
    She is a graduate of the Education Scholars Program (ESP), returning to the program in the role of Associate Director in 2011. She has been involved in national and international faculty development courses.
    She is currently the Chair of the Specialty Committee in Radiation Oncology at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and involved in developing and implementing the competency-based model for the specialty.

    Dr. Shelly Dev MD FRCPC

    Dr. Dev completed her Internal Medicine residency and Critical Care Fellowship at The University of Toronto, which she complemented with a fellowship at the New England Journal of Medicine in Boston. Her work there was focused on the development of media for peer review publication through working on the series, “Videos in Clinical Medicine”.  

    In 2006, Dr. Dev joined Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre as a staff intensivist, where she is also the Director of Education in the Department of Critical Care Medicine. Additionally, she is the Director of Wellness and Mentorship in the Division of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Toronto, and she is the lead of Undergraduate Medical Mentorship at the Peters-Boyd Academy for Sunnybrook, North York General and Women’s College Hospitals.  She is also active in undergraduate and post-graduate education and has won several awards and recognition for her teaching.



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