Exciting new Faculty Development Opportunity

Nov 15, 2017
Dr. Arno K. Kumagai

Dear Colleagues,
I would like to make you aware of an exciting new Faculty Development opportunity available to members of the Department of Medicine.
Our Department has made a strong commitment to bringing patient voices to the forefront of clinical interactions and to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in our relationships with our patients and trainees. In keeping with that commitment, earlier this year the Department created a portfolio called Person-Centred Care (PCC) Education that includes initiatives in both of these areas. There is now PCC curriculum content in both the clerkship and in our postgraduate programs; after a successful pilot this year, PCC education is now ready to launch its first formal Faculty Development offerings.
One key to effective teaching in the area of PCC is the use of dialogue. Dialogic Teaching and Learning can promote an awareness of patient experiences, an orientation to social justice, and an openness to the ideas and needs of our diverse population of learners. It can be used in the classroom, but it is best-suited for the clinical milieu — for teaching at the bedside, in the clinic, and in ward rounds. It is a way of teaching that is theoretically-grounded but is practical, transferrable to multiple settings, and skills-based.
Our Faculty Co-Leads in PCC Education, Dr Lisa Richardson and Dr Ayelet Kuper, are now recruiting 8-10 interested faculty members to participate in Faculty Development for Dialogic Teaching and Learning at the Bedside starting in January 2018. Sessions will be scheduled in conjunction with the participants but are expected to be held in the evening at the Department of Medicine offices in TGH.  Clinician-Teachers and Clinician-Educators in the Department are strongly encouraged to participate; Clinical Associates and faculty members with other job descriptions are also welcome to apply. We specifically welcome participation from faculty at all of our affiliated hospitals, including our community partners, and from all of our divisions. The nature of the selection process for participants for the January 2018 session will be based on number of potential participants who express interest, but will take into account the need to have participants from a variety of different hospitals, divisions, and clinical settings; those who are not selected to participate in January will be prioritized for accommodation in future sessions.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact Ms Taryn McGregor-Van Vooren, the Project Coordinator for PCC Education within the Department of Medicine, at taryn.mcgregor@utoronto.ca  prior to Friday, November 24th, 2017. 

I’m grateful for your consideration of this important educational initiative.

All the best,

Arno K. Kumagai, M.D.
Vice Chair for Education
Department of Medicine
F.M. Hill Chair in Humanism Education
Women’s College Hospital
University of Toronto

76 Grenville Street, 3rd floor
Toronto, ON  M5S1B2
email: arno.kumagai@utoronto.ca 
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