Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Awards

Each year, the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) seeks nominations from the division for awards to be presented to members of the PM&R faculty who have provided exceptional service to the division. Nominations are open to both full-time and part-time faculty. All members of the Division of PM&R are eligible for a maximum of one award in each category within a five year period.

The ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is presented to an individual staff member who has offered, over several years, exceptional service towards the development and growth of the division (e.g. organization of teaching programs, creation of specialized clinical programs or services, mentorship, etc.)

The INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD is presented to an individual staff member for a remarkable professional achievement. This achievement may be related to research, education, creative professional activities, or any other major activity that promotes and enhances the profile of the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Toronto.

Both awards are presented annually, provided an eligible recipient is identified.

Achievement Award

2011Dr. Lisa Becker
2010 Dr. Nora Cullen
2010 Dr. Denyse Richardson
2009 Dr. Gaetan Tardif
2008 Dr. David Berbrayer
2007 Dr. John Flannery
2006 Dr. Colleen McGillivray
2005 Dr. Angela Mailis-Gagnon
2004 Dr. Nora Cullen
2003 Dr. Denyse Richardson

Innovator of the Year Award

2010 Dr. Cathy Craven
2005 Dr. Denyse Richardson

Other Division Awards:

Best contribution to the quality of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Award:

The residents are asked to choose a staff physiatrist who provided new exciting programming, mentoring, administrative support or anything that makes the program successful.

2012     Dr. Harpreet Sangha
2011     Dr. Steven Dilkas
2010     Dr. Robert Brock
2009     Dr. Douglas Biggar
2008     Dr. Colleen McGillivray
2007     Dr. Denyse Richardson
2006     Dr. Rajka Soric
2005     Dr. Chris Boulias and Dr. Farooq Ismail
2004     Dr. Mark Bayley
2003     Dr. John Flannery
2002     Dr. Rajka Soric
2001     Dr. Alborz Oshidari
2000     Dr. Denyse Richardson

Resident Research Awards

2013 Senior     Dr. Derry Dance
          Junior     Dr. Pamela Joseph

2012 Senior     Dr. Catherine Ho
          Junior     Dr. Najam Mian

2011 Senior     Dr. Amanda Mayo
          Junior     Dr. Sivakumar Gulasingam
          Junior     Dr. Alice Kam

2010 Senior     Dr. Nadira Rambihar
          Junior     Dr. Chris Fortin

2009 Senior     Dr. Alex Lo
          Junior     Dr. Robert McMaster

2008 Senior     Dr. Deborah Rabinovitch
          Junior     Dr. Nadira Rhambihar

2007 Senior     Dr. Sukhi Bhangu
          Junior     Dr. Alex Lo

2006 Senior     Dr. Melanie DeHaan
          Junior     Dr. Deborah Rabinovitch

2005 Senior    Dr. Sonja McVeigh
          Junior     Dr. Steve Dilkas

2004/05 Senior  Dr. Heather MacNeill
          Junior     Dr. Paul Winston

2004                   Dr. Sonja McVeigh

2003                   Dr. Albert Cheng

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