Vice-Chair, Quality & Innovation

“Everyone in healthcare really has two jobs when they come to work every day: to do their work and to improve it.” Dr. Paul Batalden, the co-founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Boston, wrote this in an editorial in 2007.

Kaveh Shojania portraitTwo years later, a commentary in JAMA by two members of the Department of Medicine called attention to the emergence of a distinct new career pathway among faculty members, namely those engaged in the improvement of clinical settings in which they work i.e., clinicians focused on healthcare quality improvement (QI). In 2016, the department had over 30 faculty members whose major academic activity consists of quality improvement, in addition to clinicians in other job descriptions who also contribute to improving the quality of care.

The department’s activities related to quality improvement fall into three main categories: education and training in quality improvement , led by Dr. Brian Wong,  consultation and support services for faculty in any job description interested in doing QI projects, led by Dr. Edward Etchells, and research in new models of care, with many members of the department playing lead roles in:

The Department’s Vice-Chair, Quality & Innovation, Dr. Kaveh Shojania, is also the editor-in-chief of BMJ Quality & Safety.

The educational opportunities for trainees and faculty members available through the department warrant particular note as few institutions offer even a single such program, nevermind so many.

For more information about Kaveh Shojania, Vice-Chair, Quality and Innovation, his biographical sketch is available here.