Call for Applications: 2017 Prostate Cancer Innovation Fund

Dec 1, 2017

All day


The University of Toronto has partnered with Astellas Pharma to create the Prostate Cancer Innovation Fund with the purpose of supporting and advancing prostate cancer research. Under the direction and supervision of an interdisciplinary U of T review committee, overseen by the Chair of the Division of Urology, the fund will provide two grants in the amount of $50, 000. 

Grants are open to faculty members in the Faculty of Medicine and across U of T's affiliated hospitals and research institutes, with academic appointment to the following Departments: Surgery; Medicine; Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology; Radiation Oncology; or Medical Imaging.

Evaluation Critieria:

1. Significance

  • Scientific merit (validity, integrity, originality)
  • Contribution to advancement of scientific knowledge in the field of prostate cancer
  • Clinical relevance or potential clinical value and applicability 

2. Feasibility

  • Feasibility of study design, methodology, analysis
  • Adequate power and sample size
  • Budget and proposed timelines 

Application process: The following are suggestions for preparation of the research proposal:

  1. Statement of Objective (s);
  2. Recent relevant research by applicant;
  3. Brief review of literature and background information;
  4. Hypothesis;
  5. Design and Methodology;
  6. Analysis of Data;
  7. Anticipated Timeline;
  8. Impact and/or Future research plans and Knowledge Translation;
  9. Budget.

Applications should be no longer than five pages (single spaced, 12pt font).

See below for detailed Request for Proposals and Terms of Reference.

Please send proposals to no later than Friday, December 1st 2017 with the subject line: Prostate Cancer Innovation Fund

Request for Proposals

Detailed Terms of Reference

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