CIHR: Fall 2017 Project Grant results

Jan 26, 2018
Joanna King

Congratulations to the following Department of Medicine faculty members recently awarded Project Grants from CIHR!

A full list of results, as well as a break down of the compeition,  can be found on CIHR's website.


Karen Burns, St. Michael's Hospital

The Frequency of Screening and SBT Technique Trial: The FAST Trial (North American Weaning Collaborative)


Angela Cheung, University Health Network

Clinical and Genetic Risk Factors for Atypical Femur Fractures


Denice Feig, Sinai Health Systems

Metformin in Women with Type 2 Diabetes in Pregnancy (MiTy) Trial: A randomized controlled trial


Dafna Gladman, University Health Network

Susceptibility and Severity Factors for Psoriatic Arthritis:  Transcriptomic Studies


Rupert Kaul, Univeristy of Toronto

Targeting the genital microbiota to reduce HIV susceptibility in African/Caribbean women


Anthony Lang, University Health Network

Preclinical efficacy of drugs predicted by IBM-Watson artificial intelligence for repurposing to treat L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia


Mario Ostrowski, University of Toronto

CEACAM-1 and TIM-3 interactions in HIV reservoir establishment, persistence and evasion from HIV specific immunity


Ravi Retnakaran, Sinai Health Systems

Progression to Type 2 Diabetes in the 1st Decade after Glucose Intolerance in Pregnancy: Pathophysiology and Clinical Implications


Baiju Shah, Sunnybrook Resarch Institute

A pilot pragmatic randomized controlled trial to evaluate the impact of improving access to drugs on type 2 diabetes care, outcomes and costs


Donald Weaver, University Health Network

Design and Development of Brain Permeant Indoleamine-2,3-Dioxygenase Inhibitors

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