Emergency Medicine: Call for Abstracts Research Academic Day

Feb 9, 2018

Call for Abstracts

May 23, 2018
Faculty Club    
41 Willcocks Street, Toronto

Please join us by participating in our divisions of Emergency Medicine Research Academic Day. This event will bring together researchers, faculty, and residents while providing an opportunity to share exciting new findings and facilitate scientific exchange.

Abstract Information:

Abstracts should clearly summarize study objectives, methods, results, and conclusions.

Deadline: Thursday, March 29, 2018  by midnight- Sent to Sawan Tate at division.em@utornto.ca
Eligible: FRCP, Pediatric and CCFP Emergency Medicine Faculty, Residents, and Fellows
Downloadable Format:

Reasearch Abstract submissions form

QI Abstract submission form

Download file instructions: click on file in the website window, then download. 

Scoring Criteria:

Reasearch Abstract scoring criteria

QI Abstract scoring criteria

 Additional guidelines and forms can be requested from Sawan Tate at Division.em@utoronto.ca

Applicants will be notified by April 23rd if their abstract was selected for presentation. 


If you are interested in becomeing a abstract reviewer/judge please click the link for more information

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