Emergency Medicine: Dr. Heslop/World-Class Ultramarathoner

Sep 1, 2017

Heslop- Race.jpgCongratulations to Claire Heslop, UHN ED Physician, who came in fifth overall (and the second fastest woman) on the Track (an ultramarathon in the Australian Outback) last month!


The Track is the world’s longest self-supported race in the world (537 km), and racers must carry all their food and supplies on their backs. Water was only provided to the racers by the organizers at designated checkpoints, which were sometimes up to 30km apart! This is one of the most difficult races in the world, and Claire was the only Canadian woman to enter the race this year. She finished in 75 hours, 7 minutes and 54 seconds!

Here are some links to more information about the race:

What an amazing accomplishment, Claire! Way to go!

Heslop- Race2.jpg
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