Department of Medicine: Insulin 100

The discovery of insulin by U of T 100 years ago is one of the most significant advances in the history of medicine. Few events have transformed the lives of so many people, so suddenly and profoundly. Insulin focused the eyes of the world on Toronto and placed us at the vanguard of medical research and treatment. On this illustrious foundation, U of T and its hospital and industry partners built a culture of discovery, innovation and collaboration that has revolutionized health care in Canada and globally. 

The Department of Medicine is a major contributor to the discovery of insulin and research in the fields of endocrinology and beyond. Dynamic cross-collaborations and advancements in clinical care are continually improving outcomes for those living with diabetes.

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Some behind-the-scenes photos of Sean Nuttall (and #TemertyMed Prof. Graham Collingridge) as he takes off on his record-breaking swim in support of @tanzuoft!

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