Department Appointments Committee


The Department Appointment Committee (DAC) serves as an advisory committee to the Chair of the Department of Medicine (DoM) at the University of Toronto (U of T) for all matters concerning faculty appointments and junior promotion (promotion from lecturer to assistant professor).

DAC provides independent review of all candidates for clinical appointment to the DoM and applications for junior promotion. Upon satisfactory review by the DAC, the DoM Chair recommends the candidate for appointment to the Dean, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty Academic Appointment Committee (FAAC).

DAC Terms of Reference


The DAC meets monthly, in person or via teleconference. A minimum of five DAC members must be present for a meeting to take place. At monthly committee meetings, each candidate is presented to and discussed by the reviewers, followed by general committee questioning and development of a consensus recommendation to the Chair based on a majority vote.


The chair of the DAC shall be a full-time clinical faculty member of the DoM, U of T, will hold the rank of full professor, and will have the deciding vote in a tied decision. The remainder of the committee will consist of a minimum of nine members, and have broad representation including gender, rank, position description, and appointment type.

DAC Members

Name Hospital Division Rank Academic Position Description Appointment Type
Dr. Gillian Hawker (DAC Chair) Women's College Hospital Rheumatology Professor Clinician-scientist Clinical Full-time
Dr. Mark Boulos Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Neurology Assistant Professor Clinician-investigator Clinical Full-time
Dr. William Coke Trillium Health Partners General Internal Medicine Associate Professor Clinician-educator Clinical Part-time
Dr. Mark Boulos Sunnybrook Neurology Associate Professor Clinician Investigator Clinical Full-Time
Dr. Rahim Valani St. Joseph's Health Centre Emergency Medicine Associate Professor Clinician Teacher Clinical Part-Time
Dr. Nicholas Vozoris St. Michael's Hospital Respriology Assistant Professor Clinician Investigator Clinical Full-Time
Dr. Sara Mitchell Sunnybrook  Neurology Assistant Professor Clinician Quality & Innovation Clinical Full-time
Dr. Alexandra Stefan Sunnybrook Emergency Medicine Assistant Professor Clinician Teacher Clinical Full-Time
Dr. Nadzia Selzner-Malekkiani UNH-TGH Gastroenterology Associate Professor Clinician Scientist Clinical Full-Time
Dr. Sharron Sandhu Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Rheumatology Assistant Professor Clinician-teacher Clinical Full-time
Dr. Jacob Udell Women's College Hospital Cardiology Associate Professor Clinician-scientist Clinical Full-time
Dr. Auro Viswabandya University Health Network - Princess Margaret Hospital Hematology Associate Professor Clinician-teacher Clinical Full-time
Dr. Darren Yuen St. Michael's Hospital Nephrology Assistant Professor Clinician-scientist Clinical Full-time
FAAC Representative 2018-2023          
Dr.  Vinod Chandran UHN - Toronto Western Hospital Rheumatology Associate Professor Clinician-scientist Clinical Full-time