Communication Resources

The University of Toronto, Department of Medicine, identity and brand is internationally recognized and should be leveraged whenever possible. Whether you're preparing a presentation, or an external facing document, or simply need a logo, we've got your resources here.

Please note: the University of Toronto brand and trademark is to be used under certain parameters determined by the University. Please contact our communications officer, to ensure brand guidelines  are being met before publishing or disseminating your communications collateral.

Communications Resources

Here you'll find:

Divisional templates:

We've also developed divisional newsletter, event and rounds templates using MailChimp. If you'd like to adopt these templates, contact the communications officer for account set-up and training sessions.

Emailing Wisely: New guidance on the use of work-related email and text communication

The Department of Medicine has developed guidance to help clarify expectations and inform best practices for email and text communication. Click here to read more.