Information for New Faculty

This page contains useful information to orient new faculty to their appointment, the University, and the City.

Important Reminder

It is vital that the Department of Medicine has current contact information on file for all its faculty members. If your email address or contact information changes, please update the Academic Appointments Team at

Personnel Number, UTORid, and TCard

  • Personnel Number: unique personnel identifier at the University of Toronto, which is used for record of employment/appointment purposes
  • UTORid: login credential for access to email, campus internet, Learning Portal, and more
  • TCard: University of Toronto photo ID card

Forget Your Password?

If you ever forget your UTORid password, please contact the information commons help desk ( and copy the academic appointments office ( to reset it. An Academic Appointment Administrator will need to confirm your appointment with the Department of Medicine. The help desk will then reply to arrange a remote re-set over the phone. By policy they do not send passwords via email.

Graduate Appointments

Clinician Scientist faculty members who are engaged in basic science research may wish to look into securing an appointment with a graduate department to ensure that they are able to supervise graduate students.

Department Information & Faculty Benefits

Your primary source for information on the Department of Medicine is right here on our website We encourage you to visit and explore it!

Library Services

Your appointment allows you to access the University of Toronto Library system, the largest academic library system in the country! Your TCard is your library card.

Dependant Scholarship Program

The scholarship program for dependants of University of Toronto Faculty Members is also available to Full-time Clinical faculty members.

Joint Membership Program

The Joint Membership Plan offers a combined and discounted membership fee for Hart House, the Athletic Centre, and the Faculty Club.

Other Resources

For questions concerning appointments in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto, please contact