Graduation & Certificate Process


The Department of Medicine is proud of the trainees and fellows that enrich the educational and research endeavours of our divisions and our department. In celebration of our graduates' achievements, the Department of Medicine hosts an annual Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony for residents and fellows who have completed their training within the given academic year. The event is held at the end of the academic year in June, however the date may vary (religious holidays, divisional accommodations and availability are all contributing factors). Graduates are invited based on the successful completion of the milestone that they are celebrating. 


Residency and Clinical Fellowship Certificate of Training Eligibility

Residents and clinical fellows will be deemed eligible to receive a certificate of training upon successful completion of all requirements of the training program. Residency and clinical fellowship certificates are issued by the Faculty of Medicine, Post MD Education. Certificates will not be released without receipt from the sponsoring division and supporting documentation that confirms successful completion of all aspects and rotations of the training program. 

Please contact the resident or fellowship divisional administrator from your specific division if you have inquiries on on how to obtain certificates. 


  • Your name, as it appears on POWER, is the name that will appear on the certificate, which aligns with the name that appears on the CPSO registration record.
  • To those requesting clinical fellowship certificate(s), please note the following:
    • The name of the fellowship on the completion of training certificate conform to its appearance in the Statement of Objectives submitted to the CPSO from the Division. As a result, the request to change the name of the fellowship on the completion of training certificate cannot be applied retroactively.
    • Clinical fellowship certificates will not released until all POWER ITERs, which includes the training evaluations to be filled by the primary supervisor(s) and rotation and teacher evaluations to be filled by the trainee, are completed throughout the training period. 
    • The earliest the trainee can request for the release of their fellowship certificate is one month in advance from their training end date should all POWER ITERs be completed by then at the time of request.


Replacement certificates refer to certificates that were lost, destroyed, damaged, require a name change, or were never claimed.

All residents and clinical fellows who wish to have replacement certificates issued, whose training ended after July 1, 2011, please contact the Post MD Education office with your request. 

All residents and clinical fellows whose training ended before June 30, 2011, along with all research fellows who wish to have replacement certificates issued, please email the appropriate contact person (Department of Medicine Residency Coordinator or Fellowship Coordinator to initialize the request.

Type of Replacement Certificate Reasons Cost Associated
Original certificate lost, destroyed, damaged, or never claimed $ 60.00 CAD
Original certificate requires a name change $ 60.00 CAD



Certificate of Completion Request Process

Please ensure to send inquiries and requests to the appropriate point of contact first, including the full name at the time of training and specialty of training. The point person will first confirm the trainee was in fact registered with the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, and will then provide the appropriate information on how to obtain the training certificate(s):

The appropriate Coordinator will first confirm the trainee was in fact registered with the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, and will then provide the appropriate information on how to obtain the training certificate(s).


How to obtain Original Certificate(s)

Should the original certificate(s) be located in the Department of Medicine, the trainee can obtain their certificate in one of the following ways:

  • Certificate may be picked up at the Department of Medicine office, by appointment only, from the trainee or a designate. Please note that photo identification is required.
    • Appointment must be booked with the Residency/Fellowship Coordinator before coming to the office to ensure the certificate is readily available.
    • Should a designate be authorized to pick up the certificate, the full name and contact information must be communicated to the Residency/Fellowship Coordinator beforehand.
  • Certificate may be mailed to the address the trainee provides, for a fee. Details can be found here.


How to obtain Replacement Certificate(s)

Replacement certificate(s) will be issued in the circumstances outlined below. Please select the option(s) below that applies to you and read the specific instructions carefully.

Original certificate lost or destroyed

  • In the case of a lost or destroyed certificate, you must complete the DOM Certificate Declaration Form (PDF) and have it signed and sealed by a Notary Public, legally swearing that the original certificate has been lost or destroyed. Your original signature must appear on this form. Process for the replacement certificate will begin upon receipt of the completed DOM Certificate Declaration Form (PDF) and payment.

Original certificate damaged

  • You must return your damaged original certificate to us along with your request. Please note that faxed or electronic copies will not be accepted. Process for the replacement certificate will begin upon receipt of the original certificate and payment.

Original certificate never claimed

  • You must verify via email with the appropriate personnel (Residency or Fellowship Coordinator) that your certificate was never claimed. Process for the replacement certificate will begin upon confirmation and payment.
  • Please note that Department of Medicine will hold certificates for two (2) calendar years from the date of your training completion date. Certificates not claimed after two (2) calendar years are destroyed for reasons of security and storage.

Original certificate requires a name change

  • In order to obtain a Replacement Certificate printed with a different name, you must first have your name officially changed in the University of Toronto PGME record. Please refer to PGME Certificate Procedures for steps on how to proceed with this request.
  • Once your name is officially changed in the University of Toronto PGME record, you can then request for a Replacement Certificate. You must return your original certificate to us along with your request. Please note that faxed or electronic copies will not be accepted. Process for the replacement certificate will begin upon receipt of either the original certificate or DOM Certificate Declaration Form (PDF) and payment.


Certificate Delivery Options

Other than original certificates that have met the retention policy and are readily available in the Department of Medicine for pickup, please note that there is a cost associated with delivering all other certificates. This will be an additional cost on top of certificate production.

If you are requesting a certificate for more than one type of training, please consider providing information for all of them in one request for the purpose of shipping consolidation (ie. to avoid additional delivery costs).

At this time, FedEx priority courier is the only method of delivery that is available for the Department of Medicine to mail out certificates. Payment must be received before the Department of Medicine can begin processing. Upon retrieval of payment, please allow 15 business days (for original certificates) or 20-25 business days (for replacement certificates) for your order to be processed. Please keep in mind that missing or incorrect information will cause delays in both processing and shipping.

Payment Options

Choose an option to make a payment, either online or by mail.

PAY ONLINE: Payment can be made by credit card using our Online Payment Form, which redirects to a secure third-party payment system.* Please do not send credit card information directly to University staff

Using this option will send a confirmation email to the user (and the Residency/Fellowship Coordinator) once they have completed the submission.

Refund Policy for Online Payment: In the event we are unable to deliver the certificate due to unforeseen circumstances, the full refund will be issued as a cheque that will be mailed out, which may take up to 6-8 weeks. Otherwise, all payments are final and no refund will be issued.

*The Department of Medicine has partnered with Moneris (service provider) to provide clients with an online credit card fee payment option. The online Mastercard and Visa Canadian Dollar verification fee payment service is inclusive of a convenience fee collected directly by Moneris.

PAY BY MAIL: Payment can be made by money order or certified cheque in Canadian or American funds. Certified cheques or money orders are to be made payable to the University of Toronto, Department of Medicine. Personal cheques, cash and credit cards will not be accepted. United States Postal Service postal money orders will also not be accepted.

          Mailing address:

          Residency/Fellowship Coordinator
          Postgraduate Education, Department of Medicine
          Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
          C. David Naylor Building
          6 Queen’s Park Crescent West, Third Floor
          Toronto, ON Canada M5S 3H2

Costs Associated with Certificate Delivery

Destination for Shipping                                 Cost Associated
Priority mail within Greater Toronto Area (GTA)   $ 35.00 CAD
Priority mail within Ontario $ 40.00 CAD
Priority mail within Canada (outside of Ontario) $ 50.00 CAD
Priority mail to United States of America $ 60.00 CAD
Priority mail to international destination $ 125.00 CAD

NOTE: New prices effective April 24, 2024. Prices may be subject to change.

Processing Time for Certificates

Upon receipt of all the necessary information and payment, the request will be finalized within 15 business days for original certificates and 20-25 business days for replacement certificates should there be no concerns. 

Processing could be delayed if there is a conflict in the current state of the resource we have stored in our Department of Medicine.


Certificate Retention Policy

Certificates retained by or returned to the Department of Medicine will only be held for a period of two (2) years from the completion of training date before it is destroyed for reasons of security and storage. This includes certificates that are retained with outstanding requirements of the training program or that have been returned to sender. After two years, any request for a certificate by the trainee/alumni will incur fees and fall under all policies associated with ordering a replacement certificate.