Eliot Phillipson Clinician-Scientist Training Program

Supervisor Contribution
Application Process
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The Department of Medicine’s Eliot Phillipson Clinician-Scientist Training Program (CSTP) trains future faculty members who will engage in research as a major component of their career in academic medicine.

What is a clinician-scientist?

A clinician-scientist must;

  • be an MD specialist who has established a career in research (~75%) as well as clinical practice (~25%) at a University affliated hospital
  • be competitive for research funding from sources external to the university
  • sustain a high level of scholarship and research productivity

Popular clinician-scientist graduate studies departments:

Should you apply?

You should consider applying to the CSTP if you:

  • Have a strong desire to become an independent investigator, and a clinician-scientist in particular.
  • Are connected with a supervisor who is a senior scientist, committed to working with you over several years and understands the rewards and challenges of being a clinician-scientist.
  • Are planning to pursue a master's (two years minimum) or PhD (four years minimum). Entry into a PhD program is strongly encouraged. Trainees with a PhD degree may be accepted to pursue postdoctoral training. Trainees are expected to dedicate 90% of their time to research.
  • Are willing to apply to external funding sources throughout your time in the program.
  • Have discussed your intentions to apply with you department division director and program director (if applicable).

What does the Program provide?

The nature of support you will receive depends on where you are in your training. It is possible to enter the program as a PGY trainee or as a research/clinical fellow.

For Phillipson Scholar trainees:

  • Pay and benefits details
  • U of T tuition coverage (if applicable)
  • Access to regualr breakfast meeting with other CSTP and CETP trainees
  • Access to informal mentorship opportunities
  • Opportunity to present at the DoM Annual Day event in June in front of senior faculty and leadership

For CSTP trainees (in this stream the division and supervisor are expected to cover the trainees salary and benefits costs):

  • Access to regular breakfast meeting with other CSTP and CETP trainees
  • Access to informal mentorship opportunities


To be eligible to apply you must:

  • be a postgraduate trainee at the University of Toronto in entry level programs of the Department of Medicine (internal medicine, dermatology, emergency medicine, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation) or in a subspecialty program of internal medicine. Entry into full-time research training may occur after satisfactory completion of clinical training at the PGY 1-5  level. Re-entry into the clinical program (when required) follows two or four years of research training.  
  • have previous engagement with research and an idea about the future direction of your research program. All areas of medical research will be considered. These include: basic cellular and molecular biology; genetics; integrative human physiology and pharmacology; clinical epidemiology; health outcomes and quality research.
  • have identified a research supervisor(s) with a University of Toronto faculty appointment.
  • plan to enrol in, or are already enrolled in, a two-year graduate program (MSc) in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, which includes both course work and defense of a research thesis. Direct entry into a PhD (four-year) program, or transfer from the MSc to the PhD program is strongly encouraged.
    • Trainees with PhD degree may apply to the program to pursue postdoctoral training. The Eliot Phillipson Clinician-Scientist Training Program committee may require enrollment in a graduate degree if the proposed research training is in an area different from the PhD training. 
  • enrol in the Royal College Clinician Investigator (Certificate) Program, which provides career development opportunities, designed specifically for MDs, above and beyond the graduate program.
    • Please be advised that the deadline to apply for CIP and qualify for a Ministry of Health funding package (MOH-CIP) is mid January 2020. Application forms are be available on the CIP site. 

Supervisor Contribution

Beginning in 2021, supervisors of Eliot Phillipson Scholars are required to contribute up to $20,000 per year toward their trainee’s stipend on a 50:50 cost sharing basis with the Department. Supervisors and applicants may reach out to their division to inquire if any divisional contributions may be available, which can be used to reduce the supervisor's contribution. The amount may be further reduced if the trainee succeeds in acquiring external funding.

Application Process

Trainees apply the year before entry into research training.

Completed applications (submitted as a single PDF format) include;

* ITERs from medical residency are not required.

Letters of reference and the accompanying CSTP Referee Applicant Assessment form should be sent via email by referees to the Research Administrator at dom.research@utoronto.ca.

CSTP Referee Applicant Assessment form.pdf (260.57 KB) Late applications will not be considered.

Eligible candidates will be reviewed by the Eliot Phillipson Clinician-Scientist Training Program Committee.

Candidates chosen for interview MUST be available for the interview on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 from 1-4pm. Location: Room 203, C. David Naylor Building, 6 Queen's Park Crescent West (or virtual meeting, tbd).

Please email all documents to:

Dr. R. Chen
Director, Eliot Phillipson Clinician-Scientist Training Program
C/O: Department of Medicine, University of Toronto at: dom.research@utoronto.ca

Application Deadline

The Deadline for applications to the CTSP is Monday, December 7, 2020 for July 2021 entry into the program.


Director, CSTP

Dr. Robert Chen, MD, FRCP(C)
Department of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
C. David Naylor Building
6 Queen’s Park Crescent West, Third Floor
Toronto, ON M5S 3H2
E-mail: robert.chen@uhn.ca

Administrator, CSTP

Kristian Galberg
Research Administrator
Department of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
C. David Naylor Building
6 Queen’s Park Crescent West, Room 321
Toronto, ON M5S 3H2
Phone: 416-978-4844
E-mail: dom.research@utoronto.ca