Promotion Process

Year 1:


DoM sends open call for interest in Senior Promotion to all faculty.

Potential candidates should identify themselves to both their PIC and DDD.

Year 1: 


Workshop "Are You Ready For Promotion?" with Dr. Gillian Hawker. Workshop taking place July 14, 2023. Click here to register.

Year 1:


Candidates submit updated CV and draft Candidate Statement to PIC and DDD.

All candidates should be using WebCV. If not yet on WebCV, a request must be submitted.

Year 1: 


Hospital Pre-Review with DDD input.

Year 1:

November - December

PIC offices submit confirmed candidate lists to U of T DoM. Divisional candidate lists are distributed to DDDs.

U of T DoM hosts mandatory workshops for promotion candidates, administrators and mentors. Workshops With Drs. Gillian Hawker and Ed Etchells for candidates going forward for July 1, 2025:

Year 2:


U of T DoM sends POWER data to all candidates and their DDDs for review and compilation.

Candidates prepare documents for submission.

Teaching Effectiveness Committee (TEC) Workshops with Dr. Lori Alberts:

Year 2:


Candidates submit Referee Lists.

Year 2:


Candidates submit all promotion documents. 

Year 2:

April - May

Student Letters solicited by U of T DoM.

Year 2:

May - June

DoM Teaching Effectiveness Committee (TEC) meets to review all candidates for Competence or Excellence in Teaching. Candidates may receive feedback and be asked to submit updates to their promotion documents.

Year 2:

May - August

Internal and external referee letters are solicited by U of T, DoM.

Year 2:

September - November 

U of T DoM Promotion Committee (DPC) meets to review candidate documents. Candidates may be asked to submit additional materials. The DPC makes a final recommendation regarding each candidate to the DoM Chair.

Year 2:


DoM Chair advises the candidate, PIC and DDD of DPC final recommendations. Those recommended for promotion are sent for review by the Temerty Faculty of Medicine (TFoM) Decanal Promotions Committee (DecPC).

Year 3:

January -March

DecPC deliberates recommendations and advises the Dean and Provost.

Year 3:

May - June

DoM Chair notifies candidate, PIC and DDD of outcome. Provostial confirmation of promotion confirmed in writing to candidate.

Year 3:

July 1

Promotion takes effect.

Promotion Mentors

Mentors are chosen by each hospital to guide candidates through the promotion process and assist with preparing their documents. Mentors may have specific expertise in an area of CPA, Research, and Teaching/Education

As a candidate for promotion, it is critical that you frame your accomplishments in a logical and compelling way in order to be successful. You are being asked to draft a submission that contains a mixture of structured and free form content. Both are important. You will likely need support in determining how to best do this, which is why we strongly encourage ongoing discussions with your promotion and other mentors.

Hospital Mentors

Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care

Gary Naglie

Sinai Health System
University Health Network
Toronto Rehab Institute

Louise Harris
Shahid Husain
Geoffrey Liu
Sharon Walmsley

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Shaheeda Ahmed (Teaching/Education)

Maureen Trudeau (CPA)

Jill Tinmouth (Research)

St. Michael's Hospital

Glen Bandiera
Ahmed Bayoumi
Marie Faughnan
Richard Gilbert
Shaun Goodman
Stephen Hwang
Robert Josse
Kamran Khan
Larry Leiter
Sharon Straus
Andrew Yan

Women's College Hospital

Anna Day (CPA)

Paula Harvey

Catherine Kelly (Teaching/Education)

Mona Loutfy (Research)

Paula Rochon (Research)


There are two possible grounds for appeal:

  1. Procedures have not been properly followed
  2. Scholarship, teaching, and service of the candidate have not been evaluated fully or fairly

The process is outlined in Section 29 of the University of Toronto Policy and Procedures Governing Promotions1980, and more fully in the Grievance Procedure, Article 7 of the Memorandum of Agreement Between the Governing Council and the University of Toronto Faculty Association, 2006. Clinical faculty should also refer to the Policy for Clinical Faculty, 2004, and the Procedures Manual for Policy for Clinical Faculty, 2013.