Jay Keystone Global Health Award

Jay Keystone Global Health Award

Dr. Dylan Kain (IQuMPAcTB Project, Lung Resident MR1T Cell Project, Memory Project) is the recipient of the 2023 Jay Keystone Global Health Award, Congratulations to Dr. Kain. 

The Jay Keystone Global Health Award was established in memory of Dr. Jay Keystone, an internationally recognized expert in the fields of Travel and Tropical Medicine. Dr. Keystone created the Tropical Disease Unit at Toronto General Hospital in 1976 and was a mentor to generations of trainees, and a respected colleague, teacher, and friend to many. Dr. Keystone received a BSc from the University of Toronto in 1965 and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in the Class of 1969. He conducted postgraduate work and fieldwork on multiple continents.

The Jay Keystone Global Health Award will be annually awarded to a trainee (resident or fellow) in the Department of Medicine for the purpose of conducting research in global health.

Application deadline: Monday, June 3, 2024

Timelines for applications

May A call will go out to all trainees and fellows in the Department of Medicine
June 30 Application Deadline
July 31 Notification of competition results and funding start


Trainees or fellows will apply with a global health research project, focused on an area outside of US or Canada, to be reviewed by a departmental committee. Funds can be used for expenses related to the projects (including, but not limited to, travel and accommodation).

Application Details

Application should include:

  1. A letter of intent that describes the project, signed by the trainee and their supervisor
  2. A budget document that outlines projected travel costs
  3. A CV of the applicant

The application should be sent to the Department of Medicine Research Administrator at dom.research@utoronto.ca by June 3, 2024. Applications that are late or incomplete, will not be considered. You will be sent email confirmation of receipt.

Past Recipients

2020 - Sissi Cao (supervisor Dominique Piquette)
2022 - Julianna Deutscher (supervisor Susan Bartels)
2022 - Julie Wright (supervisor Kevin Kain)
2023 - Dylan Kain (supervisor David Lewinsohn, Deborah Lewinsohn)