Resident Participation in Research

The Internal Medicine program welcomes research that helps improve medical education, both in terms of our curriculum and patients’ welfare. The program receives many requests for participation of PGY1-4 residents in such research activities. Some of these proposals are submitted by residents or faculty within the program, some from sources peripherally aligned with the program, and others from sources external to the Department of Medicine and/or University of Toronto.

The program leadership recognizes the importance of supporting and encouraging academic scholarship, yet has a duty to ensure that due diligence is done prior to residents being asked to participate in research activities. If you would like to submit a proposal, please see the following links to the program guidelines and request form:

Note: the Internal Medicine program does not approve requests other specialty or subspecialty programs (including subspecialty General Internal Medicine). For information about recruiting residents in other programs, please see their respective webpages for contact information.