Our vision for Mentorship within the Department of Medicine is to:

  • Develop a pervasive culture of mentorship within the Department: Let’s make Mentorship the air we breathe 

  • Expand our capacity for mentorship: Let’s make it easier to do 

  • Evaluate and calibrate our program outcomes: Let’s make an impact and make it count 

  • Collaborate with other Portfolio and institutional leads to highlight equity and promote wellness: Let’s do it together 

Specifically, we will explore innovative ways to value the mentorship work that so many faculty members are already doing; incorporating mentorship metrics in promotion criteria; supporting faculty with an individualized mentorship curriculum, resources and infrastructure; and measuring our successes.

We look forward to working together to revolutionize the culture of mentorship within our Department and beyond. Our goal is to keep the Department of Medicine at the forefront of innovative models of leadership and practice to overcome systemic biases to academic wellness.

Catherine Yu
Dr. Catherine Yu

Catherine Yu, Faculty Lead - Mentorship

Dr. Catherine Yu is a Staff Endocrinologist at St. Michael’s Hospital, Associate Professor of Faculty of Medicine and Dalla Lhana School of Public Health, and Associate Scientist in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael’s Hospital. She is the past co-Chair of the Clinical Practice Guidelines Dissemination and Implementation Committee of Diabetes Canada, where-in she has developed evidence-based and innovative strategies to put guidelines into practice across Canada. Her research focus is on the care of the patient with diabetes in the context of a health care team, revolving around the role of integrative health informatics tools, patient and clinician education and behaviour change, shared decision-making and medical humanities in improving quality of care.

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