Competency Based Medical Education


The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) describes Competence by Design (CBD) as an “initiative to improve physician training and lifelong learning”. The overarching mission of CBD is to “enhance patient care by improving learning across the continuum from residency to retirement to help ensure that physicians continue to demonstrate the skills and behaviours needed to meet evolving patient needs”.

Competence by Design Cohorts

As the CBD programs across a given specialty are launched at the same time nationally and the lead up to starting the CBD curriculum is complex, CBD is being initiated across multiple years. The following is the schedule of program launches from information available as of July 2023.

Schedule of Program

Cardiology 2021 PGY4 - PGY5 - PGY6
Clinical Immunology & Allergy 2021 PGY4 - PGY5
Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology 2021 PGY4 - PGY5
Dermatology 2022 PGY1 - PGY2
Emergency Medicine 2018 PGY1 - PGY2 - PGY3 - PGY4 - PGY5
Endocrinology & Metabolism 2024  
Gastroenterology & Hepatology 2019 PGY4 - PGY5
General Internal Medicine 2019 PGY4 - PGY5
Geriatric Medicine 2019 PGY4 - PGY5
Hematology 2022 PGY4 - PGY5
Infectious Diseases 2024  
Internal Medicine: Core 2019 PGY1 - PGY2 - PGY3 - PGY4
Medical Oncology 2018 PGY4 - PGY5
Nephrology 2018 PGY4 - PGY5
Neurology 2020 PGY1 - PGY2 - PGY3 - PGY4
Occupational Medicine 2024  
Palliative Medicine 2023 PGY4
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 2020 PGY1 - PGY2 - PGY3 - PGY4
Respirology 2021 PGY4 - PGY5
Rheumatology 2019 PGY4 - PGY5