Non-Clinical Academic Appointments

This category of appointments is for individuals who are not seeking to carry out ANY clinical activities in the Department of Medicine. Thus ‘non-clinical’ implies, ‘not for the purposes of clinical care;’ non-clinical academic appointments may be held both by academics who are physicians and who are not physicians.

These appointments are governed by University Academic Policies and Guidelines.

Non-clinical full-time academic appointments (PhD Scientists) are also subject to the Department of Medicine’s Unit Workload Policy and Procedures.

For any questions relating to these appointments within the Department of Medicine or to request a letter of support from the Chair of the Department of Medicine please contact the Department Academic Appointments Office at

Academic Appointments (non-MD) Application Form for non-MD Academic Appointments

Status Only (Primary)

Status only appointments are fixed-term appointments of academics who are employed full-time at another institution. As they are ‘fixed-term’ appointments, they are subject to annual activity reporting requirements. These appointments are primarily intended for PhD (non-MD) scientists appointed to hospital-based research institutes who require a university appointment to supervise and teach University of Toronto students and perform other academic duties for the university.


Adjunct appointments are also fixed term appointments. They are intended for non-academic experts, e.g., an employee in industry or government or a professional who has specialized qualifications for teaching purposes, who will be preforming specific activities within the Department.

Visiting Professors

This category of appointment is used for faculty members visiting from other institutions for less than a year that require access to university services during their visit and/or require a formal relationship with the university for visa purposes. This category of appointment does not enable participation in clinical activities. If the visiting professor will be engaging in clinical work, they require a Clinical (MD) Visiting Professor appointment.

Various other primary appointment types as outlined on the Faculty of Medicine website  are not available within the Department of Medicine. However, non-clinical faculty who hold those appointments elsewhere within the University of Toronto may be eligible for cross appointment to the DoM as outlined below.

Status Only Appointments (Concurrent)

Fixed term appointment for faculty members who hold a primary appointment as a status-only faculty member within another department within the University of Toronto. Appointments are subject to annual activity reporting requirements. These appointments are primarily PhD scientists appointed to hospital based research institutes who hold a primary university appointment at a sister clinical department.

Non-Budgetary Cross-Appointment

Fixed term appointment for faculty members who are paid salary by an academic unit of the University of Toronto and who are subsequently appointed to another academic unit on a non-salaried basis. These appointments are subject to annual activity reporting requirements. These appointments are for tenured and tenure-track faculty from non-clinical departments and faculties.