Vice-Chair, Research

Dr. Michael Farkouh
Dr. Michael Farkouh, Vice-Chair, Research

The research portfolio of the Department of Medicine represents a diverse community of basic and clinical science, knowledge translation, and education researchers. Although our researchers operate across the city in various hospital research institutes and on the University of Toronto campus, they are united by the pursuit of excellence and the goal of improving patient health and outcomes. With nearly 400 clinician-scientists and clinician-investigators appointed in the department, the breadth of the research conducted creates exciting opportunities to form novel collaborations and push the boundaries of medical knowledge.

It is the aim of the research portfolio to support our researchers throughout the course of their careers, foster opportunities for collaboration, and to represent the interests of the department at the Faculty and University level. Ultimately, we want to build on our already exceptional reputation in order to take our place as one of the leading centres of medical research in the world.

Please feel free to contact me or our Research Administrator at, to share your feedback, questions or concerns about research in the Department of Medicine.


Dr. Michael Farkouh