Black and Indigenous Medical Society

Logo of Black and Indigenous Medical Society

Terms of Reference


  • To advocate on behalf of Black and Indigenous Faculty, Fellows, Residents and Medical Students in the Department of Medicine, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, and Canadian society at large.
  • To provide a safe space for networking and mentorship across all levels of the DoM/TFoM Black and Indigenous community.
  • To be a resource for the University of Toronto and affiliated hospitals in the ongoing and dynamic process of Diversity and Inclusion, including but not limited to:
    • reaching the goals outlined in the Anti-Black Racism Mandate
    • providing a mechanism to support the call to action on health care workers from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, ie, increasing the number of health care workers who are Indigenous, increasing skills based training in cultural safety and recognizing unique health care needs of Indigenous peoples
    • increasing Black and Indigenous representation at all levels (student, resident, fellow, faculty, leadership) of the DoM and TFoM
  • To align with like-minded groups across the University and set an example for other institutions.


BIMS is based in the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto. The organization consists of:

  • An Executive Committee which meets regularly to discuss projects, events and relevant concerns.
  • A broad membership extending across the Temerty Faculty of Medicine who are invited to participate in events, general meetings, and other initiatives.
  • Representatives from Black and Indigenous communities of faculty and trainees at all levels, as well as non-Black, non-Indigenous members who identify as allies and are committed to supporting the BIMS mission.

The Executive Committee members will have defined roles and serve terms of two years, which may be extended.


  • Regular social events to build community and facilitate strong relationships between members
  • General meetings to connect with the community, raise concerns and share initiatives/opportunities in a safe space. These meetings may include presentations/Q&A with DoM/TFoM leaders or other relevant presenters.
  • Recruitment of members to support initiatives dedicated to the BIMS mission taking place in the DoM, affiliated hospitals, or elsewhere in the TFoM/U of T.


July 30, 2021