Resources for Faculty & Staff

Offer Letters

The Department of Medicine (DoM) provides clinical and research offer letters that each division is required to use. The offer letters reflect guidelines and exemplars that have been identified by the Fellowship Education Advisory Committee ( FEAC) . By using these offer letters, then DoM ensures consistency across all fellowships, while ensuring that each of our programs are compliant and simultaneously protected.

CANMEDS Educational Objectives for Clinical Fellowships

FEAC  has approved the following templates for educational objectives for clinical fellows, to reduce variability and ensure a more consistent approach to education for clinical fellows.

Pre-Entry Assessment Period (PEAP)

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) must complete a 12 week PEAP assessment period successfully to obtain full CPSO licensure for the duration of their fellowship. Please visit  Post MD Education PEAP  for more details. 

Unfunded Fellowships

Unfunded fellows are trainees who enter into training programs without funding from their program, host hospital or any other type of funding source. Unfunded fellowships will be considered in exceptional circumstances agreed upon by the Department of Medicine.  Applications are reviewed by the Unfunded Fellowship Committee.  Applications require completion of the attached Department of Medicine Unfunded Fellowship Application form by the supervisor, a personal statement completed by the trainee describing the goals of the fellowship that includes a signed statement that he/she has the ability to support him/herself during the fellowship (attached), and , a copy of their cv. All fellows must have WSIB coverage; this should be paid by the supervisor, program or training site. After submission of applications, supervisors are required to meet with the committee to discuss each application. 

New Fellowship Application

Any division who wishes to offer a new fellowship is required to go through a formal new fellowship application process. The application is to initially be completed by the supervisor and the fellowship program director , and then reviewed by the residency program director (at the Residency Program Committee level) and the final approval of the division director . Once all signatures are obtained, submit both the completed application forms for review to DoM fellowship coordinator .