Postgraduate Fellowship Directors

Dr. Cheryl Jaigobin

Director, Fellowship Programs

Dr. Cheryl Jaigobin is an associate professor in the Division of Neurology at the University of Toronto. She completed her medical degree and neurology residency at the University of Toronto. She also completed a fellowship in stroke at the University of Toronto and is part of the Toronto Western Hospital Stroke Program. She has participated in educational activities in undergraduate, postgraduate and fellowship programs at a local, provincial and national level. She was a member of the American Academy of Neurology Guidelines Development Committee and is currently a member of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Professional Education Committee.


Fellowship Program

Fellowship Director


Dr. Caroline Chessex  University Health Network specific
Dr. Harindra Wijeysundera Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre specific
Dr. Kim Connelly St. Michael's Hospital specific
Dr. Mouhannad Sadek  Southlake Regional Health Centre specific
Dr. Owen Lyons – Women’s College Hospital specific

Clinical Immunology & Allergy

Dr. Christine Song

Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology

Dr. Howard An


Dr. Christian Murray

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Russell MacDonald
Dr. Natalie Wolpert

Endocrinology & Metabolism

Dr. Afshan Zahedi

Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Dr. Yvonne Tse

General Internal Medicine

Dr. Donald Livingstone  Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre specific
Dr. Hedieh Molla Ghanbari (interim)  University Health Network specific
Dr. Tara O'Brien  Women's College Hospital specific
Dr. Katina Tzanetos – St. Michael’s Hospital specific
Drs. Yayi Huang and Eric Kaplovitch (interim)  Obstetric Medicine Fellowship specific
Dr. Richard Dunbar-Yaffe Acute Oncology Fellowship specific

Geriatric Medicine

Dr. Vicky Chau


Dr. Vikas Gupta (interim) – University Health Network specific
Dr. Lisa Chodirker  Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre specific
Dr. Martina Trinkaus – St. Michael’s Hospital specific
Dr. Gloria Lim – City-Wide Fellowship specific

Infectious Diseases

Dr. Sasan Hosseini

Medical Oncology

Dr. Vikas Gupta (interim)  University Health Network specific
Dr. Lisa Chodirker – Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre specific
Dr. Yoo-Joung Ko  St. Michael's Hospital specific
Dr. Christine Elser – Mount Sinai Hospital specific


Dr. Tushar Malavade


Dr. Aaron Izenberg

Occupational Medicine

Dr. Vincent Spilchuk

Palliative Medicine

Dr. Ebru Kaya

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. Andrea Furlan


Dr. Cecilia Chaparro


Dr. Vinod Chandran