Submission Deadlines

Note to Promotion Candidates: 

The deadline to submit promotion documents varies by hospital. Candidates must contact their hospital promotions administrators to ensure they are following the expectations of their hospital process.

Candidates who are not based at one of the primary hospitals should contact their DDD and the DoM Promotions Administrator to begin the promotion process. 

U of T Department of Medicine Deadlines 

Date Due to U of T, DoM, Promotions Administrator

December 1, 2023

Confirmed list of candidates from each hospital: Download Form

February 12, 2024

All Candidates:

  • List of students for testimonials (8 - 12 names): Download Form

Research/CPA Candidates: 

Sustained Excellence in Teaching Candidates:

Please Note: All referee lists must be submitted as Excel files. Requests for waiver of external review must be submitted as Word docs.

April 1, 2024

All Candidates:

  • CV (must include Teaching Philosophy and Administrative Service)
  • Candidate Statement
  • Most Significant Publications
  • Data Summary Sheet: Teaching
  • Teaching and Education Report
  • Teaching Evaluation Scores (Include all POWER data provided by DoM, with additional Medsis and/or other documentation)
  • Summary of Teaching Activities

Research Candidates:

  • Research Statement (included in CV)
  • H-Index (noted in Candidate Statement)
  • Data Summary Sheets:
    • Research Awards
    • Research Supervision
    • Refereed Publications

CPA Candidates:

  • CPA Statement (included in CV) 
  • CPA Dossier

Optional for All Candidates:

  • Additional Data Tables (if relevant):
    • Mentorship
    • Refereed Publications
    • Research Awards
    • Research Supervision
  • Colleague Letters
  • Appendix 

Please note: All promotion documents must be submitted as PDFs using the following naming convention: lastname_firstname_document_title ie Hawker_Gillian_Candidate_Statement

August 2, 2024

  • Physician-in-Chief (PIC) reporting letters 
  • Department Division Director (DDD) reporting letters
  • Cross-appointed Department Chairs reporting letters

January 2025

Final promotion dossiers submitted to Decanal Promotions Committee by DoM promotions administrator