TES Appeal Form

An Appeals Review Committee convenes and adjudicates twice annually regarding submitted appeal requests. Teachers are notified of the outcome of the investigation and appeals review. Under no circumstances should faculty attempt to contact learners who they believe may have provided a teaching evaluation that they wish to challenge. Appeals of scores will be handled exclusively through the appeals committee.

In the case of appeals being upheld, the challenged or questionable evaluations are suspended within the POWER system, effectively correcting the affected teachers’ summary reports.  These amendments are usually completed within 24 hours following rulings from the Appeals Committee.

In the case of appeal requests being denied, appellants will also be duly informed as to the outcome.  However, an additional notice of the unsuccessful appeal will be remitted for inclusion in the teacher’s faculty file.

TES Appeal Form

Is this request in anticipation of a possible punitive or retaliatory evaluation for a poor trainee evaluation?*

Notes:  A number of scenarios may account for an appeals request being denied, including, but not limited to:

  1. A suspected resident not having actually submitted the challenged evaluation;
  2. A challenged evaluation being deemed - on close examination - to be neither unreasonably negative nor punitive;
  3. A challenged evaluation being deemed to be, in the Committee’s estimation, justifiable based on identified similar issues (as described) from historical trends data analyses. 

More information on appeals may be found at http://www.deptmedicine.utoronto.ca/teaching-evaluation-scores.

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