Call for Nominations: Inaugural Class of the Department of Medicine Academy of Master Clinicians

May 1, 2019
All day

The Department of Medicine’s overriding mission is to ensure the delivery of excellent clinical care in its associated hospitals, and the preparation of future physician leaders that will help carry this mission forward throughout Canada and the World. Within the Department, certain faculty members serve as exemplars of this mission, providing leadership in patient care that elevates and enlarges the profession. The Department is pleased to announce the establishment of an Academy of Master Clinicians to honour those clinicians who have demonstrated consistent outstanding clinical performance and the highest standard of patient care.

In 2019, we will induct the inaugural class of Master Clinicians, recognizing those clinicians with a sustained record of clinical expertise. The Academy of Master Clinicians will reflect those clinicians who are recognized by colleagues and the medical community for setting an example in high quality patient care, diagnostic acumen, and ability to confront challenging cases, while demonstrating humility, respect and civility for patients and colleagues.


Nominations are welcome from current full time clinical faculty members of the Department of Medicine. The faculty member serves as a primary nominator, and assembles additional nominators to include: two colleagues of the nominee, a trainee, and a patient or other non-physician, such as an allied health professional. Self-nomination is not allowed.


A nomination packet must include the following:

  1. Primary letter of nomination. A letter of support from the primary nominator that speaks to the criteria of the Academy of Master Clinicians (below), 1000 words.
  2. Letters of support by other nominators. Support letters by the four additional nominators that speak to the criteria. 500 words each.


The Master Clinician should demonstrate excellence in all domains

Clinical Expertise

  • Consistently provides the highest standard of patient care
  • Demonstrates a scholarly approach to patient care
  • Skillful diagnostic acumen
  • Able to diagnose diseases that lie outside the normal spectrum of routine encounters
  • Called to for challenging cases

Recognized by colleagues and medical community

  • A role model
  • Humility and modesty
  • Consistent demonstration of respect and civility
  • The “doctor’s doctor”  

Expertise in intrinsic physician roles

  • Mastery of Communication
  • Mastery of Professionalism
  • Empathic
  • Holistic
  • Ethical
  • Compassionate
  • Individual Patient Advocacy: Takes “extra steps” to provide excellent patient care


Active full time clinical faculty members of the Department of Medicine with a continuing faculty appointment. No post-humus or post-retirement eligibility.


The deadline for nominations is May 1, 2019.

Please send all nominations to