Jan 9, 2023

Drs. Peter Wu and Jakov Moric appointed Associate Program Directors - Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine program is very pleased to announce the appointment of two new Associate Program Directors, Drs. Peter Wu and Jakov Moric. 

Dr. Peter Wu is an internal medicine and clinical pharmacology/toxicology attending based primarily at UHN. He is a clinician in quality and innovation with a scholarly interest in improving educational models, and a clinical focus on medication safety. Peter is now in his sixth year as the Toronto General Hospital Site Director. He takes on the Associate Program Director- QI Rotations role with the goal of optimizing clinical rotations across the city. He will be transitioning out of the role of TGH Site Director in June 2023.

Dr. Jakov Moric is a respirologist at Women’s College Hospital and the University Health Network and is completing his eighth year as the WCH Site Director. He has had a major role in the implementation of CBD in the IM Program, as the Competence Committee Chair. He is thrilled to be continuing his long association with the program, as the new Associate Program Director for CaRMS. He will be transitioning out of the role of WCH Site Director in June 2023.

Jeannette Goguen, MD

Internal Medicine Program Director