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Department of Medicine

Anchored in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at U of T, the Department of Medicine is one of the oldest departments of its kind in North America, dating back to the founding of the School of Medicine in 1843. Now, the Department of Medicine is one of the largest in North America, with 800 full-time faculty members and 550 postgraduate trainees located across hospitals and clinical practice sites across the Greater Toronto Area. One third of Canada’s and one half of Ontario’s internal medicine specialists received their training here.

We are a research powerhouse that generates new knowledge with the goal of meaningfully impacting internal medicine training and the care and health outcomes of patients and their families. A commitment to equity, diversity and professionalism, and a philosophy of innovation, creativity and continuous quality improvement, informs everything the we do.

Welcome to the Department of Medicine

Message from the Chair

Introducing MEdS: Mobilizing Education Research and Scholarship to Accelerate Impact and New Funding for Education Scholarship

The Department of Medicine is known globally for its leadership in and substantial contributions to the field of medical education research and scholarship. Under the inaugural leadership of education scholar and clinician scientist Dr. Shiphra Ginsburg, the community of DoM members and learners engaged in this work has thrived and grown. At a DoM Medical Education Scholarship Retreat in late 2020, it became clear that new strategies were required to support the large numbers of physicians and learners engaged in medical education scholarship. Building on the exceptional work of Dr. Ginsburg, DoM Vice Chair for Education, Dr. Arno Kumagai, has now launched the new Medical Education Scholarship (MEdS) portfolio to address these needs.