Apr 8, 2024  |  12:00pm - 1:00pm

EDI Masterclass: Accessibility 101

Culture & Inclusion

Session Overview:
If you or someone you loved was told they would have a chronic disability for the rest of their life, how would that make you feel? Why? How much has our society's values, norms, and ideals shaped the way we think about disability? Ableism is entrenched in our healthcare system, our education, and our society at large. Physicians have been perpetuating ableism for centuries. This interactive lecture helps to identify our own internal and external biases and barriers. It aims to reframe the way we define disability and the way we see ourselves interacting with the populations we serve. 

This event is open to both faculty and learners.


  1. Contrast the Medical Model vs. Social Model of disability
  2. Identify ableism in healthcare settings
  3. Identify 4 barriers to accessibility in your own clinical practice
  4. List 4 ways that you can increase accessibility in your own clinical practice.

Facilitator Bios:

Dr. Audrey Yap (she/her) and Janet Rodriguez (she/her) are the Accessibility Theme Co-Leads for the Temerty Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Curriculum.  Together, Audrey and Janet work collaboratively with lived experience community partners, students and faculty to promote the Social Model of Disability within the undergraduate Medical curriculum.  The goal is to ensure the principles of Disability Justice are included in the MD curriculum in an intersectional way so learners appreciate the experiences of disability as a natural part of being human.  In this way, Audrey and Janet work toward removing ableism (i.e.. viewing “nondisabled” as “ideal” and “disability” as “abnormal”) and foster lifelong learning in accessible practices for all.

Dr. Audrey Yap is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.  She works as a physiatrist at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital, Sinai Health in Neurorehabilitation.  She is the Education Lead for the Division of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Sinai Health.

Janet Rodriguez is a Health Mentor with the Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare and Education. She co-chairs the Temerty Faculty of Medicine Disability Inclusion Work Group.  She also co-leads the Accessibility For All project, a social justice initiative at the St. Michael’s Hospital Family Health Team.  She is a member of the Patient and Family Advisor group for the Ontario Health CEO and is inaugural co-chair of the Unity Health Toronto Patient and Family Council.  

Event Details:
Date: April 8, 2024
Time: 121 pm
Location: Virtual event (Zoom details to be provided upon RSVP)

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