Hematology: Welcome

The creation of a combined Division of Adult and Pediatric Hematology is a bold and innovative concept that both recognizes and responds to the fast changing needs and advancements in the care of patients with inherited and chronic hematological disorders- malignant and benign. Such a division brings together a rich and talented pool of clinician-teachers, educators and scientists. It also creates exciting opportunities to build the academic enterprise, stimulating interest in our training programs, creating new partnerships, increasing collaborations and investing in quality improvement and patient safety to tackle new and emerging challenges facing patients with hematological disorders across the entire age spectrum.

In 1994, under Dr. Keating's leadership, the University Division of Hematology made a commitment to train the future academic leaders of hematology in Canada by expanding the training program from two to three years, with the third year dedicated to laboratory or clinical research or for further training in education. Many of the graduates of that expanded program are now in leadership positions themselves and have already made an impact, not only at the University of Toronto, but also nationally and internationally. Because of the extraordinary breadth and depth of talent in Toronto and the formidable size of clinical programs, the division, unique to Canada, has strength across virtually all aspects of hematology. For example, its members manage among the largest programs in leukemia and also hematopoietic cell transplantation in North America. We have one of the largest programs in hemoglobinopathies in North America, which has made notable academic contributions. Practitioners of hemostasis-thrombosis continue to make an impact internationally in clinical trials. The training program now under Dr. Martina Trinkaus’ direction and previously ably directed by Drs. Chris Chen and Eugenia Piliotis, is also flourishing and continues to attract the best residents in the country. Toronto trainees have had a remarkable impact at the American Society of Hematology (ASH), especially in leadership roles on the ASH Trainee Council and as participants in the ASH Clinical Research Training Institute.

In alignment with the strategic direction of the Department of Medicine, our division seeks to:

  • Reinforce commitment and contribution to cutting-edge research in hematology- basic, translational and clinical.
  • Evolve our strong training program to meet the changing needs and align with innovations in the practice of hematology.
  • Develop a focus on quality improvement and advance new models of patient-centred care for patients with hematological disorders.
  • Support, sustain and value hematology faculty by ensuring that they receive appropriate ongoing mentorship and advice regarding their career development.

Our combined Division of Adult and Pediatric Hematology has extraordinary opportunities to discover, apply and communicate new knowledge in the field of hematology internationally, while actively training the next generation of leaders in academic hematology.

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