Neurology: Clinical Programs

The Division of Neurology at the University of Toronto is one of the largest and most comprehensive neurological practices in Canada. We have subspecialized experts trained in epilepsy, movement disorders, dementia and other cognitive conditions, stroke and cerebrovascular diseases, neuro-oncology, multiple sclerosis and demyelinating disorders, autoimmune neurology, neurophysiology, concussion, neuro-ophthalmology, headache, neuromuscular diseases, peripheral nerve and sleep neurology.

Our subspecialty clinics, listed below, are distributed across the major teaching hospitals in Toronto and include Baycrest (BC), Unity Health Toronto (UHT), St. Michael's Hospital (SMH), Providence Healthcare (PHC) and St. Joseph's Health Centre (SJHC), Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (SBK), University Health Network (UHN) — the Toronto Western, Toronto General, Princess Margaret Hospitals, and Toronto Rehab Institute — and Women's College Hospital (WCH).

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Motor Neuron Disease

Sunnybrook ALS Clinic: (SBK) Only one of seven ALS clinics in Ontario

Autoimmune Neurology

Autoimmune Encephalitis and Other Neuroinflammatory and Paraneoplastic Disorders of the Central Nervous System

BARLO MS Centre referral form (SMH)

Autoimmune Cognition, Encephalitis

UHN Memory Clinic (UHN)

Autoimmune Epilepsy

Krembil Epilepsy Program (UHN)

Autoimmune Neuromuscular

Prosserman Family Neuromuscular Clinic (UHN)
Sunnybrook Neuromuscular Clinic (SBK)
St. Michael’s Hospital Neuromuscular Clinic (UHT:SMH) 


Canadian Concussion Centre (UHN): The world's first program dedicated to a four pronged approach to concussions – research, education, diagnosis and treatment.
Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic (SBK): Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic, Neuropsychiatry Program

Dementia, Memory, Behaviour, and Cognition

Toronto Dementia Research Alliance

Sam and Ida Ross Memory Clinic (BC)

Sunnybrook Memory Clinic (SBK)

UHN Memory Clinic (UHN)


Krembil Epilepsy Program (UHN) Interdisciplinary comprehensive approach to epilepsy care that comprises neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, neuropsychologists, neurogeneticists, nursing and electrophysiologists. It is a Regional Epilepsy Surgical Centre of Excellence (RESC).

UHN Epilepsy Monitoring Unit: (UHN) A 10-bed unit for patients using video and EEG recordings to locate the source of a seizure and epilepsy process. It the largest adult epilepsy monitoring unit in Canada. 

UHN Epilepsy Diet Clinic: (UHN) The first adult epilepsy diet clinic in Ontario using a Modified Atkins Diet to help reduce seizures in adults with various types of epilepsy.

UHN Epilepsy Genetics Clinic: (UHN) The KNC Epilepsy Genetics Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and management of genetically determined epilepsies (even if after initial investigation the culprit gene(s) could not be determined) and familial epilepsies. 

UHN Epilepsy Pregnancy Clinic: (UHN) A clinic to manage pregnant women with epilepsy in collaboration with obstetrics.

Functional Neurological Disorders

Functional Neurological Disorders Clinic, Neuropsychiatry Program (SBK)
Integrated Movement Disorders Program (IMDP) (UHN) - website under development

General Neurology

Neurology Clinic for Underrepresented Populations (for example, those living with homelessness, LGBTQ+, uninsured, etc.)

BARLO MS Centre referral form (SMH) Contact: Dr. Alexandra Muccilli

2SLGBTQIA+ Neurology Clinic

The 2SLGBTQIA+ Neurology Clinic is a new outpatient service at UHN that provides inclusive, comprehensive, and individualized assessment and care to persons identifying as 2SLGBTQIA+ for a full range of neurological conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. (UHN) Contact: Dr. Koorosh Shirkool

Headache & Pain

Centre for Headache: (WCH) The Centre for Headache provides expert evaluation and individualized treatment plans for patients suffering from migraine and other headache disorders. It is the first of its kind at an Ontario teaching hospital. .

Multiple Sclerosis

BARLO MS Centre: (UHT & SMH) One of the largest of its kind in North America and one of seven adult MS centres in Ontario that focuses on diagnosis and treatments of MS

Sunnybrook MS Clinic(SBK)

Muscle, Myasthenia Gravis, Peripheral Nerve, Neuromuscular

Prosserman Family Neuromuscular Clinic: (UHN) A recognized centre for excellence for Guillain-Barre and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy by the GBS/CIDP Foundation International

Sunnybrook Neuromuscular Clinic (SBK)

St. Michael’s Hospital Neuromuscular Clinic (UHT:SMH)


Elisabeth Raab Neurofibromatosis Clinic (UHN): The first-in-Canada multidisciplinary clinic for adults with neurofibromatosis


Gerry & Nancy Pencer Brain Tumour Centre (UHN)

Odette Cancer Centre (SBK)


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (SBK)

Krembil Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic (UHN)

St. Michael’s Hospital Ophthalmology(UHT:SMH)


Centre for Advanced Hearing and Balance Testing (UHN)

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Howard Cohen Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Program (UHN): First interdisciplinary program in North America to offer single day evaluation of NPH

Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders

Edmond J. Safra Program in Parkinson's Disease & the Morton and Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Clinic (UHN): The largest movement disorder clinic & DBS program in Canada

Jeff and Diane Ross Movement Disorder Clinic (BC)

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Rossy Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Centre (UHN)

Sleep Disorders

Sunnybrook Sleep Disorder Clinic: (SBK) A state-of-the-art research, teaching and clinical sleep laboratory

Stroke & TIAs

St. Michael’s Hospital Stroke Clinic (UHT:SMH)

Sunnybrook Stroke Clinic (SBK)

Transient Ischemic Attack and Minor Stroke Unit (TAMS) (UHN) See guidelines for more information

UHN Stroke Prevention Clinic (UHN): Recognized by Accreditation Canada for stroke distinction. 

Women's Neurology    

A citywide program that incorporates experts across the subspecialties of neurology and women’s health. It addresses the neurological illnesses and therapies for women at all stages in their lives from early adulthood, fertility, pregnancy, aging, perimenopause, and menopause.

Epilepsy: (UHN) Women with epilepsy face unique issues including menstrual-related seizures, family planning, fertility, pregnancy, bone health, hormone replacement therapy, menopause and aging. Contact: Dr. Esther Bui

Stroke: (UHN) The Stroke in Young Adults Program and CNS Vasculitis Clinic at UHN/TWH/MSH provides multidisciplinary high-quality stroke care for younger population with stroke. It also provides specialized care plan for women who develop and are at risk for cerebrovascular disease through their lifespan (pre-conception, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and menopause). Contact: Dr. Aleksandra Pikula

Headache: (WCH) The Centre for Headache provides expert evaluation and individualized treatment plans for women suffering from migraine and other headache disorders. It is the first of its kind at an Ontario teaching hospital. Dr. Christine Lay, an internationally acknowledged headache expert and one of a very few neurologists in Canada with United Council of Neurologic Subspecialties board certification in Headache Medicine, heads the centre. Contact: Dr. Christine Lay

BARLO Multiple Sclerosis Centre Women’s Health and Pregnancy Clinic: (UHT:SMH) Comprehensive care for women with MS, addressing pregnancy planning and management of MS therapies around pregnancy, as well as support through the menopausal transition. Contact: Drs. Dalia Rotstein and Kristen Krysko