Dec 4, 2018

Appointments & Awards: December 2018

Faculty, Research, General Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Nephrology


Asian Business Network Association

Angela Cheung, Chinese Canadian Legend Award
This honour acknowledges Chinese Canadians who contribute to society and strive for self-improvement, regardless of their academic qualifications, age, occupation, status or other factors.

Canadian Association of Gastroenterology

Adam Weizman, CAG Young Scholar in Quality Innovation Award
The CAG Young Scholar in Quality Improvement Award recognizes outstanding contributions to gastroenterology through quality improvement initiatives by a young CAG member, who is invited to give a lecture at Canadian Digestive Diseases Week™.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Nathan Stall, CIHR Institute of Aging Anne Martin-Matthews Doctoral Prize of Excellence in Research on Aging

PKD Foundation

York Pei, Lillian Jean Kaplan Prize
The Lillian Jean Kaplan International Prize for Advancement recognizes an individual(s) whose seminal scientific work constitutes tangible achievement toward improving knowledge and treatment of polycystic kidney disease.