Mar 6, 2019

Appointments & Awards: March 2019

General Internal Medicine, Faculty, Emergency Medicine, Neurology


Lisa Richardson, Strategic Advisor, Indigenous Health, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

Sam Sabbah, Medical Director, Emergency Departments at University Health Network


University of Alberta

Mario Masellis, Walter Mackenzie Visiting Speaker Award
Presented the following lecture on February 7, 2019 entitled: “Effects of APOE ε4 on structural imaging measures and cognition across the spectrum of Alzheimer’s and Lewy body dementia” at the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute Talk, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Sunnybrook AFP Innovation Fund

Mark Boulos, Best podium presentation at the 2019 Sunnybrook Clinical Impact through Innovation Expo
Project Title: Screening for obstructive sleep apnea in stroke and TIA patients using a home sleep apnea test versus in-laboratory polysomnography: a randomized controlled trial.