Mar 14, 2023

Call for Proposals: Innovation and Research addressing health and health system crises

Recent years have seen increasingly greater attention to threats to population health from the climate crisis, worsening social determinants of health for large portions of the population, and the healthcare delivery system buckling under various chronic problems compounded by new stresses from the pandemic.

To support and encourage innovation and research that seeks to address these threats to population health and health systems, the Department of Medicine is launching its latest Call for Proposals. As leaders, innovators and researchers, we are committed as a department, to engaging in transformational change that addresses the systemic issues and inequities in our health care system.

Real impact takes time – 5 to 10 years or more – but we often conduct research with little prospect of benefiting patients in that same timeframe. With this call, we are aiming to support projects explicitly aimed at generating concrete impacts in the near future that will address these areas of immediate crisis. 

Key deadlines, additional detail and submission instructions can be found in the Call for Proposals. Should you have any questions please contact Christian Base (