Mar 30, 2023

Mentorship Matters April 2023: Seeing the Diamond in the Rough

Culture & Inclusion, Respirology

This month’s column recounts Dr. Samir Gupta’s inspiring testimonial during MGR at St. Michael’s Hospital, regarding the breadth of impact that his mentor Dr. Sharon Straus has had on his career success, highlighting the role and importance of sponsorship:

"I was lucky enough to meet my mentor when she moved to Toronto from out west, and to secure a training position with her before the deluge of potential mentees and trainees that soon followed.

Like many before and after me, she imparted me with a very unique skill set which enabled me to distinguish myself very early on in my career, acting as a launch pad for many critical collaborations and pursuits as an early career scientist.

Over the 15 years now that I have considered her my mentor, she has played many roles.  Not only has she been my teacher, my co-author, a “great-connector” and a fervent advocate, but she has also been my friend, my confidant, my strategic “name-drop,” and at least on one occasion, my agent!

A good mentor, as she has taught me, helps you to see the potential in yourself that you didn’t have the courage to see.