Jan 9, 2023

Mentorship Matters January 2023: Informal to Formal, Personal to Professional

Culture & Inclusion, Endocrinology & Metabolism

In this month’s edition, Dr. Shoba Kumar from Women’s College Hospital shares with us her relationship with Dr. Catherine Kelly, who has mentored many in Endocrinology over the years! Dr. Kumar shares with us the evolution of her relationship, from formal to informal, as well as the multifaceted nature, both professional and personal, as well as her tremendous role-modeling.  Thank you Dr. Kelly!

“Dr. Kelly has long been my mentor, both formally when I was a resident, and informally since I became a staff physician at our hospital.  She has always been available and interested in my career development, both as a mentor and a senior colleague.  I have always found her to be readily available to discuss job opportunities, career advancements, or even daily struggles and clinical conundrums.  I can always reach her – either in person, by email or even by text! 

For many of us, she is our ‘go-to’ with questions about our patients, but also about the practice of medicine.  She has also been a trailblazer as a strong female physician who has held numerous leadership roles – as such she has both been an advocate for more junior faculty like me to achieve similar things, and an inspiration for the kind of medical career I aspire to.”