Announcing the Department of Medicine's Senior Faculty Promotions to Professor and Associate Professor

It is with tremendous pride that we announce the 2020 Senior Faculty Promotions to Professor and Associate Professor for the Department of Medicine based upon academic excellence and achievement. We will be celebrating these remarkable individuals at Annual Day on Wednesday, June 17.   
Jun 1 / 2020

Honouring Impact: Department of Medicine Faculty Among 2020 Dean’s Alumni Awards Recipients

U of T Medicine alumni have always been renowned for their contributions to their communities. Today, with the global COVID-19 pandemic shining a spotlight on health and healthcare providers, we are prouder than ever to announce the recipients of the 2020 Dean’s Alumni Awards.
May 27 / 2020

The human side of the pandemic: Faces of COVID series features the stories of frontline workers

Rishi Bansal, Dr. Arnav Agarwal & Dr. Seema Marwaha
May 22 / 2020

The Unseen Victims of COVID-19: How the Virus Is Impacting Homeless Populations

While COVID-19 outbreaks continue to overwhelm long-term care facilities across Ontario, some experts warn that homeless shelters may soon become a new epicentre for uncontrolled spread if left unchecked. 
May 21 / 2020